The BrandMozart Effect
Instead of seeking new landscape, we look at things through new lens, like through a “kaleidoscope”, reassembling those floating bits and piece into an enticing new possibility!!
What Hits Our Guts?

The BrandMozart Effect is a phenomenon when you’ve been doing brand storytelling right and it engenders customer stories that reinforce each other as like in Mozart’s music, where you can have thousands of story-tellings all talking at once, and it’s not noise – it’s a perfect harmony as in Mozart’s music. Isn’t that marvelous?

The podcast explores how to manage the interplay of your customers’ stories, all the while making use of the backdrop of your brand story. When you do that well, those customer stories help you wildly increase your brand traction and build your company.

You may reach a point when the floodgates suddenly open and the right ideas are flowing so fast, you will be astounded. It’s exhilarating when you feel that you’ve chosen an idea that makes a psychological connection. The more powerful the feeling, the closer you are getting to the truth. Because when you’re conjuring creative ideas and you make a correspondence with the hidden truth, you will get a confirmation. It will give you goose flesh.


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From The Blog
In the tech startup world, this could also be the moment when you found the Product Market Fit, or your brand message struck a chord with your audience, or a video meme become viral, or a campaign video become mega-hit. In the design world, when your design reaches an ultimate, make a psychological connection, and become a metaphor of the hidden truth; it then becomes charismatic, which is to say symbolic. People will be attracted to them and influenced by them even if they don’t know what they mean.

The more faithfully the metaphors or ideas personify the hidden truth, the more powerful, and charismatic the affect. That is when The CoMozart Effect happens. Conjuring brings about the increase in fidelity.

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